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Things To Know


What is an Australian Labradoodle? An Australian Labradoodle is a multi generational Labradoodle that originated from Australia bred specifically for therapy work and companionship. Despite the name this breed does not contain an Australian Shepherd. Several generations ago they infused a few other breeds (spaniels) to improve size, coat, health, and temperament; and have since been bred those dogs together to create this purebred multi generational Australian Labradoodle... it seems like a mouthful and a bit confusing with the name but all of our dogs' lineage traces back to the two original breeders in Australia.

What should I expect?  We raise our puppies with the Puppy Culture program, which starts at day 3, this program includes crate training, beginnings of housebreaking, noise and touch desensitization, and many sights and sounds of the world to help build confidence. Our goal is to help your puppy become a well rounded, happy, and confident puppy for your family. 

What if I live in a different state?  We do not ship our puppies.  You're welcome to fly here and we will happily meet you at Grand Rapids airport with your bundle of joy or we can fly with the puppy to you. You will be responsible for the cost of a airline ticket for me and your puppy, along with hotel costs if there is no return flight for me the same day.  We work very hard on making sure your puppy is happy and confident, and feel flying solo would be too traumatizing and would break the trust and confidence that our puppies have gained in the last 8/9 weeks. We try to be as flexible as we can with helping you get your new family member, please don't hesitate to call us, we're always happy to help. We understand that you may not be able to pick up your puppy on the "go home" date, we are happy to keep your puppy up-to an additional 2 weeks, for $100 per week. 

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