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Lavender Fields Australian Labradoodles

Welcome!  My name is Valerie.  I'm the owner and breeder of Lavender Fields Australian Labradoodles.  Along side of me are my two beautiful daughters, Paisley and Paige and of course our pups.  We are located in beautiful Spring Lake, Michigan.   


We raise all our pups right in our home, with love and lots of cuddles. Our pups are cherished family members, they live in our home, sleep in our rooms, and accompany us just about everywhere we go. They get to play together in the back yard, swim in the lake, join us on family road trips and vacations, they are true family members.


Our goal is to provide families with a happy and healthy puppy. All our puppies come from fully health tested parents who pass extensive heath and genetic testing to ensure we are maintaining excellent genetic lines and the health standards of this great breed.  We are focused on making sure our puppies begin with Puppy Culture Enrichment Program and are well-socialized, by spending time with our family, around lots of children, other animals and exposing them to the many sights and sounds of the world.  We believe this exposure gives your puppy a great start to becoming a well rounded  family companion. We are dedicated to breeding happy, healthy, Australian Labradoodles, with non-shedding, allergy and asthma friendly coats.

Thank you for visiting Lavender Fields Australian Labradoodles, please feel free to look around and  don't hesitated to contact me with any questions. 

Valerie Becker - Owner

Spring Lake, Michigan

Cell  (586) 855-8601


Kindly allow 24 hours for me to get back to you.

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